about Stephanie

Stephanie Nicoll Reilly :             Artist

I believe my designs are divinely inspired and come from a place of renewal and hope. My ongoing series entitled “thoughts from the divine” include pieces designed around a single word, letter, or thought. I find that letters, words, symbols and Icons carrying their own energy signature. Interpreting them in a mixed media format is intriguing and challenging. When I begin my work, often I begin with no real conscious intent. (Although I believe there are no mistakes in this world and nothing happens by accident.) The canvas creates itself. I will get very quiet and still my mind – and see where I am drawn as far as materials, colors or themes. I enjoy the whimsy and simplicity of the shape, texture and color of the subject. When I create, the quieter I am in making conscious decisions, the more magical the process. I enjoy taking a simplistic subject matter, a letter for instance, and allowing it to be a platform for deeper thought. Upon first glance it may seem childish, almost craft-like in execution. But my work goes much deeper and there is much deliberateness in its creation. I love to layer words, text, and pictures to create symbolism, subtle thoughts or suggestions to the viewer. I find it very gratifying to listen to an observer’s interpretation and story about of my art pieces. Many times it is different from what I saw, or felt, when I created the canvas. And that is the delight of it all. That is the mystery: how will the canvas be experienced? What does the viewer see or feel? It begs the question: what do you see?